LEAD Program
LEAD Program
The LEAD program is designed to improve the recruitment, retention, ongoing professional development, and quality program delivery to Georgia‚Äôs early learning workforce, by supporting more varied early learning workforce roles to include:

  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Professional Learning Community Facilitators
  • Technical Assistance Providers
  • Early Learning Program Administrators
  • Trainers

The LEAD program offers a one-time bonus for earning a DECAL Coaching or Professional Learning Community credential in the past 12 months.
Frequently asked Questions
What are the requirements?
What is the application process?
What are the bonuses available to Coaches and PLC Facilitators under the LEAD program?
How do I obtain my DECAL Coaching or PLC Facilitator Designation?
What documentation must be sent with my final application?
What is the Professional Development System (GaPDS)? 
What is an "Affidavit for Lawful Presence Verification"?
What documents are considered "secure and verifiable"?
How often do I have to submit a notarized "Affidavit for Lawful Presence Verification"?