Educational Counseling

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Credentials, diplomas, degrees, money for education… there are so many great options for Georgia’s ECE professionals. Don’t figure it out by yourself. Use our free educational counseling.

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This support is just for ECE professionals like you. Counselors help you create your path and take your next step. Over the phone, you can talk about:

  • Your educational options in ECE
  • Where can you study – in a classroom setting near your home, or online
  • Steps to enroll
  • How much financial aid is available
  • How to apply for financial aid

It’s easy. Make the call! (800-227-3410)

Our counseling service is available to help you better serve Georgia’s youngest children!

Teachers are our primary concern. Your educational options can be overwhelming. We're here to help.
Frequently asked Questions
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What is a Master's Degree?
What HOPE-eligible Georgia colleges and universities offer credentials and degrees in Early Childhood Education (ECE) that qualify for SCHOLARSHIPS assistance to approved applicants?
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