About Awards
Earn an award for continuing your professional development.  The AWARDS for Early Educators program is designed to encourage those working directly with children to pursue higher credentials and degrees. 

The AWARDS for Early Educators LEAD program is designed to reward those who support the Early Childhood profession and are investing their time and energy in those who are in the classroom.
Teachers are dedicated.  Continuing your education can benefit you.  Let us show you how.

An award for Early Childhood Educators who have earned a higher Early Childhood Education credential or degree in the past 12 months.
  • 1st Level
    • $1,200 for a CDA or$1,300 for an Infant/Toddler CDA
    • $1,200 for a Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) or$1,300 for an Infant/Toddler Specialist TCC
  • 2nd Level
    • $1,500 for a Technical College Diploma (TCD)
    • $1,500 for an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree
  • 3rd Level
    • $2,500 for a bachelor’s degree
    • $2,500 for a master’s degree
A bonus for receiving a Bright from the Start Coaching or Professional Learning Community (PLC) Facilitator designation as follows:
  • Coaching
    • Associate: $500
    • Professional $1,000
    • Master $1,500
  • PLC Facilitator
    • Initial $350
    • Certification $500
    • Apprentice $750
    • Lead Facilitator $1,000